Residential SubPanel Maintenance

SubPanels play a critical role in your electrical system. Our certified electrician in Auburn is committed to ensuring that your subpanel operates efficiently and safely, providing reliable power distribution to specific areas of your property.

Why SubPanel Maintenance Is Essential

SubPanels, much like the main service panel, are the heart of your property’s electrical system. They require regular maintenance to prevent potential issues and ensure safety. Our subpanel maintenance services include:


Thorough examination of your subpanel’s condition, checking for any signs of wear and tear.


Removal of dust and debris that can accumulate and cause overheating or short circuits.


Ensuring all circuit breakers within the subpanel function correctly and safely.


Recommending and installing upgrades to enhance performance and accommodate additional circuits if needed.

Our Commitment to Quality

Straight Up Electrical, Inc. prides itself on delivering top-notch service without overpromising. We believe in transparency and honesty, providing you with realistic expectations and clear communication throughout our service process.

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