Commercial SubPanel Maintenance

Straight Up Electrical, Inc. is your trusted partner in ensuring the safety and efficiency of your commercial electrical systems. Our dedicated, certified electrician in Auburn WA, specializes in subpanel maintenance services, providing comprehensive care for your electrical subpanels to keep your business powered and protected.

Why SubPanel Maintenance Is Essential

Subpanels are critical components of your electrical infrastructure, acting as satellite circuit breaker panels that extend the capacity of your main panel. Regular maintenance is vital to prevent potential safety hazards and ensure uninterrupted power distribution to specific areas of your building.

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Our SubPanel Maintenance Services

Straight Up Electrical, Inc. offers a range of subpanel maintenance services tailored to meet the unique needs of your commercial space.

Inspection and Testing

Our experts conduct thorough inspections and testing to identify any issues that could lead to power outages or safety concerns.

Cleaning and Tightening Connections

We clean all components and tighten connections to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your subpanels.

Upgrades and Repairs

Whether you need to upgrade for increased capacity or repair existing equipment, our skilled electricians have you covered.

Compliance Checks

We ensure your subpanels meet all current electrical codes and standards, providing peace of mind that your business is compliant and safe.

The Straight Up Advantage


We pride ourselves on our reliability and punctuality, ensuring minimal downtime for your business.


Our electricians are highly trained and always at the forefront, equipped with cutting-edge knowledge of the latest electrical standards and innovations.

Customer Focus

We listen to your needs and provide solutions that are in your best interest without overpromising.

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