Commercial EV Charger Installation

There is a growing need for efficient and reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions in today’s fast-paced commercial world. Our certified electrician in Renton is dedicated to providing top-notch EV charger installation services that meet your business’s unique needs.

Why Choose Straight Up Electrical for Your EV Charger Installation?

Expertise You Can Trust

Our licensed electricians have extensive experience in installing a wide range of EV chargers.

Customized Solutions

Our services are designed to integrate flawlessly with your unique commercial landscape, ensuring compatibility and coherence with your current setup.

Safety First

Adherence to strict safety standards is at the core of our operations, guaranteeing a safe and secure installation.


We install state-of-the-art chargers that are compatible with all EV models, preparing your business for the vehicles of tomorrow.

Our EV Charger Installation Process

1. Consultation

We begin by thoroughly assessing your site to determine the best EV charging solution for your business.

2. Design & Planning

Our team designs a customized installation plan that maximizes efficiency and accessibility.

3. Installation

Our skilled electricians carry out the installation with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

4. Testing & Commissioning

We ensure your new EV charging stations are fully operational and ready to use.

5. Maintenance & Support

Straight Up Electrical offers ongoing support and maintenance to keep your chargers in top condition.

Features of Our EV Chargers

High-Speed Charging

Our chargers are designed for quick and efficient charging, minimizing downtime for your customers and employees.


Built to withstand the elements, our chargers are suitable for any commercial setting.

Smart Technology

Equipped with smart features for monitoring and managing energy usage.

Ready to Power Up Your Business?

Invest in the future of transportation with Straight Up Electrical’s EV charger installation services.  Our unwavering dedication to superior quality and complete customer satisfaction distinguishes us as the go-to electrician in Renton for all your commercial electrical needs.

Secure a personalized quote for your EV charger installation today and take the initiative towards a more sustainable and efficient business.

Empower your business with eco-friendly solutions. Contact Straight Up Electrical, Inc. for your EV charger installation needs.


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