The Range of Services Offered by Your Electrician in Federal Way

As your trusted electrician in Federal Way, Straight Up Electrical Inc. is committed to providing top-notch electrical services to our valued customers. We understand that every home and business has unique electrical needs, and we are here to meet them all.

Our Services


A power outage is not merely a minor disruption; it has the potential to interfere significantly with your everyday activities and may even present certain hazards. That’s why we offer robust generator solutions.

Our generators are designed to kick in the moment there’s a power outage, ensuring that your home or business continues to have the power it needs. This means your essential appliances, like refrigerators, heating systems, and medical equipment, continue to operate, protecting you from potential losses or risks.

Dedicated Circuits

Electrical systems are complex, and each appliance or device in your home or business has its own unique power requirements. Our dedicated circuits are designed to cater to these unique needs, providing each major appliance with a separate circuit to prevent overloading. This improves your electrical system’s performance and drastically lowers the likelihood of electrical fires and harm to your appliances.

Service/Panel Work

Your electrical panel is the central hub of your electrical system, channeling electricity to the different circuits within your residential or commercial space. Straight Up Electrical Inc. specializes in providing top-tier service and panel work, encompassing both upgrades and maintenance, to ensure your electrical system remains current and functions at its optimal capacity. By conducting regular maintenance, we can spot and address potential problems at an early stage, preventing their progression to major ones. This proactive approach not only saves you time but also helps avoid unnecessary expenses in the long run.

New Home Electrical Solutions

Building a new home is an exciting venture, and the electrical system is a critical component of your new build. We work closely with you and your construction team to design and install a comprehensive electrical system that meets your specific needs. From lighting and outlets to major appliances and smart home integrations, we ensure that every aspect of your electrical system is designed for safety, efficiency, and convenience.

EV Charger Installations

As more people embrace electric vehicles (EVs), the need for home EV charging stations is growing. We offer professional EV charger installations, allowing you to charge your vehicle conveniently at home. 

Our chargers are compatible with all major EV brands, and we can install them in your garage, carport, or any other location that suits your needs. Having a personal EV charger saves you valuable time and provides the reassurance that your vehicle is always prepared for the journey ahead.

Equipment Feeders

For enterprises that rely on heavy machinery and equipment, having a dependable and efficient power source is crucial. Our equipment feeders are designed to deliver the necessary power to your machinery, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations. We understand the unique power requirements of different types of machinery and design our feeders to meet these specific needs. This enhances the efficiency of your operations and extends the lifespan of your equipment.

Straight Up Electrical Inc. is more than just your electrician in Federal Way. We’re your partners in ensuring a safe, efficient, and reliable electrical system for your home or business. 

Why Choose Us?

At Straight Up Electrical Inc., we set ourselves apart from the rest. We are a group of committed experts committed to providing the highest standard of service. Our approach is customer-centric, meaning we always prioritize your needs and interests. Whether you’re a homeowner needing a simple repair or a business owner looking for a comprehensive electrical solution, we treat every job with the same level of dedication and professionalism.

Our team is backed by over a quarter-century of combined experience in the field. This wealth of experience equips us with the expertise and proficiency to tackle a wide range of electrical issues, ensuring you receive the best possible service. A commitment to quality and craftsmanship drives us. Every job we undertake is executed with an unwavering focus on precision and strict adherence to the most stringent safety protocols.  

Opting for Straight Up Electrical Inc. means choosing a collaborator who will be with you at every step and guarantee the safety, efficiency, and dependability of your electrical system.

Conclusion: Trust Your Electrician in Federal Way

Choosing the right electrician in Federal Way is crucial for the safety and efficiency of your electrical system. Straight Up Electrical Inc. offers services designed to cater to your distinct requirements. Our seasoned professionals provide high-quality work and exceptional customer service.

Contact us for more information about our services. When it comes to your electrical needs, always choose Straight Up Electrical Inc.—where quality and professionalism meet.

Choose safety, choose efficiency, choose Straight Up Electrical Inc.


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